We are open for ACUPUNCTURE, HERBAL MEDICINE & ONLINE CONSULTATIONS. More info on home page.

Covid 19 Clinic Update

(28 Sep 2020 – Road to Recovery Step 2)


As AHPRA registered allied health practitioners we adhere to instructions and guidelines from the Government Department of Health.


We are now open for ONLINE CONSULTATIONS, HERBAL MEDICINE and some face-to-face treatments including ACUPUNCTURE.


Note! Face-to-face treatments are available to clients:

Who would otherwise experience significant deterioration in functional independence

resulting in an escalation of care needs (which would result in increased frequency in treatment,

significant increase in pain, specialist input, or substantial increase in recovery time as a result of delayed care)

Whose care has been delayed during stage 4 restrictions,

and where further delay is likely to result in deterioration

(e.g. diagnostic imaging and assessment for prescription of assistive technology)

Who require essential pre-operative or post-operative elective surgery care


You can read more about our clinic Covid 19 procedures in our FAQs.


We look forward to seeing you soon.

Welcome to Natural Wellness Albert Park, a contemporary healthcare clinic providing natural solutions to help you achieve optimal health.


We are a team of experienced practitioners of Chinese medicine.
We offer you acupuncture, herbal medicine and an integrated approach
to help manage a broad range of health issues. Pain, fatigue, insomnia,
hormonal, immune and digestive problems are some of the main
concerns we address in our clinic.


Our mission is to provide quality healthcare for all members of the
community and to deliver personalised treatments suited to your
individual situation, constitution, health history and lifestyle.


We are here to help you feel your best.


We provide a range of treatments within our clinic.

Acupuncture improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessel system to nourish every cell of you body.

Herbal medicine is used to help support and restore general health and wellbeing within your body. 


Cupping is a form of deep tissue massaging that focuses on pulling up on the skin and muscles to relieve muscle tensions or spasms.

Combined with our natural treatments, we can provide nutritional support to help sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our Team

We are here to support you.
Sandie Griffiths

Sandie Griffiths


Christina Tolstrup

Christina Tolstrup


Zoe King

Zoe King