What Does Acupuncture Feel Like? Does it Hurt?

The needles used for acupuncture are very fine. Contrary to many people’s belief and fear acupuncture doesn’t feel anything like an injection or blood test. There may be a slight prick sensation when the needle is initially inserted, but most people don’t even feel this. In general acupuncture should not be painful or unpleasant. Sensations during an acupuncture treatment vary between individuals but are often described as either a dull, numb, buzzing, tingling or heavy feeling in the area(s) needled. The acupuncture needles are usually retained for 10-30 minutes depending on the treatment strategy. Once the needles are in place most people find acupuncture treatments very relaxing!

How Long Does a Treatment Take?

An initial HERBAL consultation takes 20-30 minutes and includes detailed history taking. Follow up HERBAL consultations take 15-30 minutes.

The indicated times given above include consultation, undressing & dressing (when required), treatment, and payment time.

What are your fees?

You can view the fees for all our services via our  fees page.

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